Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baked cheese stixs!

Some of my Fav pics from over the weekend! (well last weekend, but for some reason it didnt post...lol! yea prolly my fault!)

awwww! Testing out how to do one of those cool shadow pics! I ended up taking what seems to be ten other couples pictures, until I decided I wanted one of me and my hubby!
 My daughter and her kite! I love how the dog is watching her as always! My babysitter is my dog (and I'm not kidding, I know Shes good when he's outside with her!)
But I guess my babysitter can't get the kite outta the tree for her! HAHAHA

just a random one of egg hunting, but I just find it funny that my hubby always had to carry the baby doll! I swear I have more pics of him either holding, sleeping with or having to dress the baby doll than I do of my daughter with it! tehehehe

Ok, On to yet another good snack idea! Dang I'm just going crazy with the new things I'm trying!

Ok these are a "healthier" way of doing fried cheese sticks!

String cheese, Bread Crumbs (any kind), and an egg with tiny bit of milk! Thats it!

I have no idea why this picture is sideways! sorry lol

Dip the cheese in the egg, than into the crumbs, than on the pan! Bake for about 10mins until you see them all nice and melted! oooo yumm!


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