Friday, April 19, 2013

lil loves first Mile & Spaghetti squash

This whole Boston thing just hit right home and although I wasn't there or knew anyone personally there, Running at a race is a place I felt safe, and never thought I'd have to worry at.  Its like we cant even do anything we enjoy now a days and always have to be fearful of our lives :( Absolutely sad.

 ,...On a happy note My lil love and I went out to the trails a couple days ago when we finally got a break in this crazy Michigan weather, and ran a mile! That would be her first EVER mile she did without a stroller and on her own two feet the whole time lol!

GO AUSTYN! She was giggling the whole time from knowing she's beating me hehehehe! So to any crazy people thinking I make my three year old run, She wants to run, and LOVED IT! :)
But she really wanted to win a medal like her mommy, I can't wait until she runs her first race!

I also had my first experience with a spaghetti squash this week! spaghetti squash can be used in place of noodles and is a bit more crispy,   Make sure you season well with pepper or whatever else you may like!


Today I added shrimp, pepper and Cayenne to some left over squash noodles and a little bit of this, pretty good!

Also if you have I got a new one to keep with my RunningMILF theme, so that would be it, find/add me! runningMILF!

~Have you ever tried spaghetti squash?
~ If your a runnermilf, Do your kids like to run?


  1. I love love love spaghetti squash, I've never made it myself (not sure why) but I have had friends and family make it for me on multiple occasions! So yummy and healthy!!

  2. I need to try it a couple more times different ways, its a little getting use to, but I do like it and always love saving calories for other extra goodies!


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