Wednesday, April 3, 2013

latest food addictions

well well... I've been craving veggie sushi rolls for  I couldn't tell you how long lol so I had to remake it somewhat with what I had, basically I think I like rice and avocado together? Odd yes! So a bit of rice with avocado, carrots, and cucumber on top...yummmmm.
Than that went to being addicted to Shrimp.  I've been making all kinds of shrimp over everything and anything I have.
View 2013-04-03 13.19.59.jpg in slide show Shrimp on top of Mushroom cap. With garlic, and peppers, celery, and green onion OH and cayenne pepper for spice!
View 2013-03-31 17.17.36.jpg in slide show Shrimp on pastina noodles, peppers, avocado, mushrooms, and celery
View 2013-03-29 18.24.05.jpg in slide show Shrimp on top of Couscous....
Yup addicted! These are all so very easy to make, and can add anything you like and try different kinds, YUM!

Which also lead to a juicing addiction,

My mom gave me a juicer from seriously 1970, but hey gave it a shot and OH MY, yummy yummy fresh juice. It uses a lot of  veggies to make a little juice but oh its worth it.

My favorite is Cucumber, Celery, strawberry, carrot juice together, YUM!

I even tried Kale in it, but I don't think it juices any out of it and just clogs the machine lol!

View 2013-03-14 10.50.48.jpg in slide showView 2013-03-11 19.41.05.jpg in slide showView 2013-03-14 10.47.02.jpg in slide showView 2013-03-07 10.12.52.jpg in slide show <---lil love stirring the juice with celery lol

Forgot to share my lil love in her "workout outfit" and running shoes she got from the Easter bunny!

She loves them and put them on right when she saw them! She's ready for a race this summer for sure!
Hope you all had a great Easter!
 Do you find yourself eating the same things over and over?
What is your food addiction?

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  1. I feel like I am always eating the same things, because I eat the things that fuel my runs and workouts without upsetting my stomach. I feel like we work hard to find foods that work for us, so when we do we eat them a lot.


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