Saturday, March 23, 2013


Easter is coming up and since most my friends don't have great big plans for Easter compared to other holidays I decided to plan a Easter party this Sunday for all the kids!

This weekend is going to be cold so I had to clean out my not finished super dusty basement and be prepared to do some easy toddler games inside the basement. I guess that's better than freezing outside!

Hungry hungry bunny! ha ha I made this Hungry Hungry Bunny game! Drew a big bunny with a huge mouth, wset him onto a big chalk board thingy and glued together Carrot shaped eggs to toss into the mouth!

Punch a prize!!

Here is the FIELD OF PRIZES game, Just like the Punch a prize on price is right! I made this so that during egg hunting each kid needs to find a golden egg, which will have a number in it and they punch that number to get out the prizes! I asked that everyone coming brought some kind of candy, toy, stickers or whatever to bring for each kid and that's what will be inside each hole!

Name tags,  bags, and egg hunt directions  are all ready!! I'm a kid again and excited!Name tags, and Easter bags to color! Than collect Eggs!

Were having a wagon ride threw trails we have in our back yard, Were calling it "Bunny Trails" and were making a few stops where the kids will get off the wagon and collect their eggs!

and cant forget the homemade treasure box I made, full of prizes to win! Each game were playing the kids will win tokens which will let them get a prize out of the Treasure Box! ooooo fun fun! Treasure box is made out of my hubbys Boot box, gold wrapping paper and good ol duct tape!

 and also have the bounce house downstairs to blow up! Perfect!

I am beyond excited for this party! I pretty much had everything at home to make each game, I did a lot of DIY-ing and spent little $$$ which is always great and nothing is better than seeing the kids have some fun!

Few Crafts we did! Thank you pinterest!

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 These little bunnies are cut toilet paper rolls and a cotton ball for tails!

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And last but not least, MY little love is going to be so excited on Easter to get her very own WORKOUT CLOTHES that she asked for in her basket!!!!
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She wants to be just like her momma! Makes me proud!

Hope you all have a great Easter!

~Are you doing anything special for easter?


  1. This is like the cutest Easter post EVER. Pinterest is seriously great for things like this!

    Easter is going to be a crapshoot for me.My sister is due to have her baby anytime in the next week, so plans will be dependent on when my nephew decides to enter the world!

    1. Thank you! OH yes I just love pinterest, I'm addicted and find myself on it for hours..GUILTY!

      What a great easter present than! Congrats on being a Autie!

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