Monday, March 11, 2013

JellyBean virtual race

Welcome everyone who came on over from SkinnyRunner! It was so nice to hear all your great comments!!

 I have the Jelly Bean Virtual race coming up again! This is the 3rd annual Jelly Bean race hosted by, I did this last year in prim time of Half training, I was able to do the 5k, 10k and also got in the 13.1 mile! WOW!

What's a virtual race? A virtual race is running a specified distance (timed) without being present in the actual race location.

This starts -March 20-31, 2013
The race begins on the First Day of Spring and ends on Easter Sunday.
Each event you run, (or bike) you enter your times into a spreadsheet she has and that gets you entered in for some amazing prizes,  check out more or to sign up for it, GO HERE !
I've been slacking on running because I've been busting some major boo-tay painting my house!
I painted my foyer, and kitchen/dining room/ living room  combo, helped put trim up, and than I did all the caulking and painting of the trim!! I've been working all day everyday on it, but I just wanted it done!
Total DIY'er right here!  Check out these straight lines where the paint meets the ceiling! I'm a pro now and didn't use tape! I did the pro way of "cutting in" WOaooh so fancy!
 View 2013-03-08 18.09.56.jpg in slide show

 View 2013-03-08 12.51.29.jpg in slide show
 wowzers lots of work! Now curtains and I shall be done! 
I hope we are no long the boring people with white walls! It really gives the whole house a new look that was much needed even though the house is only 4 years old lol
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~Have you took on any recent DIY things?!
~Are you doing the JellyBean race?

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