Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Hello!

Well hello everyone! I have been missing for sometime now..AHH sorry sorry!

What have I been up to?
O you know normal run around like a crazy mom, wedding stuff for the best friend, job searching and cookin up some more tasty treats!

Wedding is over Check out the love birds!
 and also my beautiful lil flower girl!  who daddy forgot to bring her glasses...Whoops!

Speaking of glasses, lil love was told if she doesn't wear her glasses more she will need surgery to fix her lazy eye. Fast forward a month later, she wore them everyday and improved by over half to where we need to be! Yay for her, and we continue wearing and now patching to speed things up and hoping to be glasses free soon!
Super nice weather were staying busy for sure! Zoo trip kite flying making the laziest dog ever run!

BBQ's, crazy pinterest workouts and Oh so yummy food and treats to make! Here's a few for ya!

Photo is loading banana oat cookies 2 ingredients, that's it!
 coffee, almond milk ice cream!

 ooo cant forget to add a lil drizzle of chocolate and melted peanut butter....mmmmmm mm an entire gallon of this ice cream would be over 600 calories! How is that for a steal of calories?!
and my latest lunch and than seriously crave it again for dinner (which happened for days now..odd) a veggie Panini  a O so sloppy goodness of grilled veggies, avocado, olives and feta!
Want to try new at home workouts?
This will help tighten your butt while getting rid of the fat on top of the waist.
Check out THIS BLOG I found on pinterest for some lower half butt leg workouts! Add 1 circuit or do it 3x if your crazy, with some arms on a total gym and boy you did a great workout! My butt shall hate me tmrw!
I love switching up what I do each day, and pinterest of course is my third love and gives me all these great ideas!
~ Do you wear glasses or had to patch as a kid?!
~ Have you enjoyed some good weather lately?!

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